In the event of a trip to or from China, Here are the primary reasons your cargo is safer when you have insurance rather than without

The high rate of loss of cargo:

Recently, the number of accidents caused by cargo coming from China has been increasing. In the last year, there’s been an alarming pattern of containers stacked on overcrowded ships. In 2020 more than three thousand container containers went missing at sea. However, this year, the number exceeds 1,000. This is the biggest increase in container losses over the last seven years. It is also where thousands of dollars of goods are destroyed or destroyed forever. Bloomberg estimates that losses could be more than $150 million in 2020 and greater than 5 million in the current year. Most of these incidents occurred on the Pacific Ocean, one of the busiest shipping routes connecting Asian suppliers to North American consumers. The bulk of the containers lost was aboard vessels sailing from China.

Natural Disaster Region:

China is among the countries that have the highest number of flooding, earthquakes and Typhoons. China is experiencing 22 different types of natural disasters. This includes marine hazards like thunderstorms, cyclones, typhoons and storm surges, as per CGTN, a cable news network run through Chinese government media. This is a good reason to ensure your China cargo while it travels for long distances before arriving at your shores. In 2017 a cargo vessel was sunk near the shores of Guangdong province after the cargo was changed because of high waves and powerful winds brought on by Typhoon Rock. In April 2020, the Chinese bulk carrier that carried 700 tonnes of cement fell into the South China Sea after encountering high waves that caused the cargo area to be filled with water. Both of these incidents caused significant damage to the cargo. As of 2021, China was hit by the heaviest rain in the last millennium leading to massive flooding across Henan, the largest logistic hub. The flooding threatened transportation infrastructure as well as the lives of people and property. China observers say the intensity and severity of natural catastrophes will increase with climate changing.

Peak Season Risks

In shipping goods between and to China, traders need to keep in mind peak seasons. This is when the amount of cargo coming and going from China is exploding, which leads to the need for space among shipping companies and an increase in cargo handling in warehouses and ports. As this is the busiest time of the year to handle cargo handling, mishaps and accidents could happen, resulting in damaged or lost cargo. With insurance for the cargo, you will be able to remain calm through these turbulent moments. The high season occurs every year and lasts from September until December, prior to the New Year and Christmas New Year holidays. The peak season in 2021 is likely to be particularly packed. As the world slows to recover from the pandemic, the shipments out of China into China to the U.S. and Europe are exceeding all records as companies start to replenish their stocks in anticipation of a spike in shoppers for the holidays. The demand for commodities from Asia and China specifically is so great that aside from the seasonal peak times, there are various dates and times on the Chinese calendar that exporters and importers should keep in mind. The second is the small peak between December and February in advance of China’s week-long Lunar New Year holiday. Second is Golden Week in October, where Chinese people observe National Day. National Day, they also take a week off. Both times are associated with a growth in cargo volume from China and several logistical challenges for everyone working in the maritime sector.

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