What should be considered when shipping from China?

China is now one of the world’s top economies. That means the volume of business done in China is also growing fast. Unfortunately, this has caused many companies to have problems shipping from China because they don’t know what they need to consider when shipping from China.

If you want to buy from a supplier in China, it takes a lot of work. There’s a lot to think about. By reading this article, you can learn what some of them are and how they can affect your business if you don’t think carefully about them first.

Pay a lot of money

You will need a lot of money before you can even consider importing from China, as it takes money for everything from manufacturing to the wages of truck drivers. Factories know which products sell fast and which sell fast, so their prices reflect that. Research the going rate for the product you plan to sell before attempting to manufacture in China, as this will help you a lot later when negotiating with the factory.

Asking about shipping options

When shipping from any country/region, there are usually several different options as far as transportation is concerned. When dealing with Chinese manufacturers, you may find several other modes of transportation. You will need to ask for this information in detail to understand the different costs and times it takes to get your goods from China to you.

The delivery time

Since you have many options when shipping from China, you also have many different possible delivery times. Try not to rush, because even if it takes days or weeks for your shipment to arrive, it’s still fairly fast compared to the rest of the world.

Build relationships with your Chinese manufacturers

When you’re dealing with a company from another country, it’s hard to communicate effectively without establishing any relationship. If you’re already sending emails back and forth to them over the phone, you’re probably building the relationship you need.

Find a reliable forwarder and logistics company in China

Shipping from China is definitely not as easy as it looks, which is why you need to look for a trusted forwarder logistics company that can help you with the whole process, as their years of experience will know what to do and how to do it properly. This can save you a lot of cost and time in shipping from China.


Unfortunately, the cost of shipping from China will be much higher than the standard cost of shipping within your own country. Therefore, you should plan it into your overall business plan so that once everything goes well and everything falls into place later, there are no surprises.

Product standards

When engaging in any type of manufacturing business, your products must meet certain standards, depending on which country or state they will be sold in. These standards may include such things as non-toxicity or child safety. You must find out what those standards are and, if necessary, redesign your product to make it meet them.


This is one of the most important things to consider when shipping from China. It’s important to know how your product needs to be packaged and labeled, how it should be shipped, where it should be shipped, etc. You will also have to decide whether importing by air or sea is more suitable for your attempted import, with the cost difference most likely being the biggest determining factor. At this time and China’s excellent freight forwarding company cooperation will be your best choice.

Many things can affect your international shipping, so research carefully before starting anything related to this part of your business! I hope this article has helped you understand a little bit about shipping from China and make everything go well for you!

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