What is a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarders, as the name implies, act as agents, as agents of international express companies, to establish the connection between shippers and international express companies.

Freight forwarders will be more flexible in handling goods, and have more options for mailing channels. Many sensitive goods can go without restrictions

Compared with the official freight forwarders, they will actually pay more attention to user reputation and customer service experience. They can adjust their services according to the needs of customers and choose reliable agents to enjoy better service

What is the service scope of the freight forwarder?

With the rapid development of import and export trade, international freight forwarders come into being. Compared with the previous forms of logistics, international freight forwarding has the characteristics of globalization, professional function, systematic management, personalized service and information network. Its distribution efficiency is higher, has become the international logistics industry development trend, socialized division of labor and modern logistics development direction.

International freight forwarding companies generally have a large volume of goods, and have long-term cooperation with major international express companies. They have opened an official agent discount account for international express (individuals cannot apply for it), so they can get very preferential discount prices.

It is mainly engaged in sea, land and air international freight forwarding business, integrating sea transport, air transport, air express, railway transport, international multimodal transport, automobile transport, storage, ship operation and management, ship leasing, ship agency and integrated logistics. It is mainly engaged in one industry and diversified business.

A wide range of transport, can undertake food, drugs, cosmetics, liquid, powder and other official channels can not deliver goods; Time fast, a variety of channels to choose, to meet the delivery needs of different customers.

Compared with the official, it will pay more attention to user reputation and customer service experience. It can adjust the service according to the needs of customers, and choose reliable agents to enjoy better service.

The process of sending goods by an international freight forwarder

  1. Price query

First with the international freight forwarder DDPFORWORLD customer service consultation, provide goods transport information, and then provide you with a quotation, and will also provide you with economic, suitable delivery methods and routes.

  1. Confirm the order

After confirming the delivery requirements, DDPFORWORLD, an international freight forwarder, will first send the goods to the transshipment warehouse through domestic express (SF, Tongcheng, etc.), and will send the relevant information and notes to you for confirmation.

  1. Sorting and packaging

After receiving your package, the international freight forwarding company will check and sort and pack it. The fragile items will be added with bubble wrap and affixed with fragile stickers. At the same time, all the packages will be wrapped with waterproof film to ensure that your items will not be damaged in the process of transportation. During the packing process, the staff of the international freight forwarding company will confirm the quantity of items with you in real time to ensure that no items are left out. After the packing is completed, they will also take photos with you to confirm.

  1. Pay for shipping

After confirming the correctness of the package, the international freight forwarding company will provide you with an economical and suitable delivery method and route, and weigh and measure the weight and volume of your consignment items, and confirm the final cost. You will pay the freight after confirming the correctness.

  1. Global delivery

International freight forwarding company DDPFORWORLD provide one-stop door to door service for you, we will send out your item to the recipient’s destination, and will provide you with international express a single number, in the process of the items in the mail, you can query the international express’s official website directly, or contact the international freight forwarder tracking information query parcel for you.

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