What is sea freight?

Sea freight(sea shipping) is a method of transporting a large number of goods using a carrier ship. The goods are packaged into a container and then loaded on the boat. Typical cargo ships can carry about 18,000 containers, which means shipping is an efficient way to transport a lot over large distances.

There are many ways of sea freight.

FCL or Full container load, in which you purchase one or more full containers to send on a ship.

LCL or less than container load, your product shares a container because you may not have the value of a full container. Once they arrive at their destination, the contents of the container are split up again.

RORO or Roll-on-roll-off, during which your product does not leave the vehicle but enters the cargo ship. The vehicle drives directly to the ship and then to the other side.

Dry bulk transport is used for certain items that are stored in a hold rather than transported in a container.

How does sea freight work?

Sea freight is just one cog in the machine that forms the network of supply chains. Some companies choose to use specific third-party logistics to transport their goods safely and legally. As we mentioned in our top 5 benefits of 3PL, one of the main benefits of these suppliers is that they already know all the requirements and you won’t have to approach the shipping company for every project.

Once you work with a shipping company, they will collect the goods from your suppliers and ship them through one of the above ports. It should be noted that delivery times should include delays through ports for each side as they have to go through customs.

Even with the option of LCL, you may still not have enough product, in which case you can replace your product by air or Courier. Both methods are used to transport small quantities of products, but the vehicles themselves are smaller, so the price is higher.

What is manifest in transportation terms?

In terms of transport, maritime manifest refers to the paper manifest submitted to the customs by the person in charge of the inward and outward vessel or his agent, which truly and accurately reflects the situation of the goods carried by the means of transport. It is made by the shipping company or its ship is the list of export cargo stowage! This document is of great significance. The manifest information of the shipping company directly reflects the situation of export goods, which is the basis for the customs to handle customs declaration and clearance.

  1. Contents of bill of lading as final confirmation

When a ship is cut off or set sail, the shipping company will make manifest according to the contents of the bill of lading confirmed by the customer. The most important thing is the description of related goods (number of pieces, weight, name of goods, etc.), and then send to the customs in EDI form. When the consignor finally returns tax, the content of the goods declaration must be consistent with the manifest, otherwise, the tax can not be refunded.

  1. Cargo data on board ship as a shipping company

It can be understood as an internal bill of lading of the shipping company. Upon arrival at the destination port, the ship needs to declare the situation of the goods to the customs of the destination port. The description of the goods must be consistent with the bill of lading held by the consignee, otherwise, it is difficult for the consignee to clear the customs and take delivery of the goods at the destination port.

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Sea Shipping

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