What is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a storage and shipping service that Amazon offers to help business owners sell their products. Businesses ship their products into Amazon’s fulfillment centers, which are specifically designed for FBA services. Amazon opens its platform to third-party sellers, integrates their inventory into Amazon’s global logistics network, and provides them with picking, packing and terminal delivery services, for which Amazon charges a fee.

The characteristics of FBA

Through Amazon Logistics (FBA), Amazon handles shipping and returns in exchange for fulfillment fees. To use the FBA service, first set up an Amazon Seller account. Next, add FBA to your product list. Then ship your product to Amazon for storage and fulfillment and start selling it online on Amazon Store.

When you use Amazon Fulfillment, your products on Amazon will carry the Prime logo, and Prime members are more likely to click on the buy box for your products if they can get free two-day shipping. It’s not uncommon for Amazon sellers to see an increase in orders for their products once they start using FBA.

Fulfillment by Amazon lets people who sell on Amazon Marketplace benefit from the company’s picking and packing business. Amazon has a vast network of fulfillment centers in the United States. Amazon Fulfillment will deliver your products to your customers quickly and efficiently. In addition, you don’t have to worry about order fulfillment or return processes. Amazon fulfillment solves this problem for you. Amazon FBA can save you time.

The specific advantages of FBA are as follows:

Increase product sales

With the addition of Amazon FBA, the visibility and competitiveness of products will be improved. Your product will be able to enjoy Amazon Prime, free shipping (for eligible items), and many other benefits that will help increase sales and increase your competitiveness.

International sales

You can expand internationally and sell to millions of potential new buyers across all of Amazon’s stores. All you have to do is post inventory from a seller account and Amazon FBA will ship your goods to buyers anywhere.

Benefit from Amazon’s 24/7 customer service

With Amazon FBA, Amazon offers its award-winning 24/7 customer service to buyers in the local language of each Amazon Store where you sell.

Distribute orders from other channels

Amazon FBA can use the inventory you store in the Amazon operations center to distribute orders from other sales channels. You will manage inventory through a simple online user interface and be able to direct us to return inventory at any time.

Uninterrupted sales, easy to enjoy the holiday

With Amazon’s FBA Vacation Settings, you can keep selling even while you’re on vacation!


Your buyers can also enjoy a growing number of other convenience services, such as gift wrapping and “by the hour” for next-day delivery.

How to use the FBA service?

When you register to sell an item on Amazon, you also automatically register for an Amazon FBA. Choose Amazon FBA as your delivery method and start Posting items. You can also convert existing inventory to Amazon FBA inventory.

When adding a new product, please click “I hope Amazon will deliver my sold product and provide customer service” under “Delivery Method” on the product quotation details page. That’s all you need to start shipping with Amazon’s FBA.

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