What is a freight forwarder?

The full name of the freight forwarder is International Freight Forwarding Agent, which is referred to as “International freight Forwarder”.

The freight forwarder refers to the industry in which the international freight forwarding organization accepts the entrustment of the consignee or consignor of import and export goods and handles international cargo transportation and related business for the consignor in the name of the consignor or itself, and receives remuneration for labor services.

A freight forwarder acts as a middleman between the shipping company and the final destination of the goods. Although they do not carry out their own transport, they offer different modes of transport such as sea/sea freight, rail freight, road transport and air transport.

Freight forwarders use their trusted connections with carriers and partners, from air transport specialists and freight companies to trans ocean lines, to negotiate the best prices. This might be using established business routes that regularly depart frequently, or by chartering, evaluating different offers and choosing better routes that optimize speed, cost, and reliability, taking into account all the variables needed to analyze each situation.

What does a freight forwarder do?

A freight forwarder is a person or company that organizes the transportation of goods from a manufacturer or producer to market, customer or final point of distribution. A freight forwarder contracts with a carrier or often multiple carriers to move goods from one country to another.

A freight forwarder does not move goods but acts as an expert in the logistics network. Carriers can use a variety of modes of transport, including ships, aircraft, trucks and rail, and often use multiple modes for a single shipment. For example, a freight forwarder can arrange for goods to be trucked from the factory to the airport, flown to the destination city, and then transported from the airport to the client’s building on another truck.

Freight forwarder services offer competitive pricing based on the services required by customers. They can also lower prices by integrating goods from other customers. This allows a complete container to carry cargo from multiple customers. In addition, this helps to reduce the final freight rate lower than container shipping.

The responsibilities of the freight forwarder

Freight forwarders usually focus on a particular service, mode of transport or market. This allows the company to choose which service the freight forwarder should handle. This, in turn, gives the company greater control over the handling of its goods.

Knowledge and expertise are crucial when importing and exporting products. International freight forwarders typically handle international freight and have additional expertise in preparing and processing customs documents and performing activities related to international freight. Information typically reviewed by freight forwarders includes commercial invoices, shipper’s export declarations, bills of lading and other documents required by the carrier or the exporting, importing and/or transit country. This is done through the customs clearance process. Freight forwarders have up-to-date information on customs regulations.

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