There are many advantages of Amazon FBA shipping. Generally speaking, FBA is suitable for those sellers with small sizes and high profits. Other products have less obvious advantages. The average American warehouse is cheaper than that. Outsourcing sellers’ daily chores are not Amazon’s only advantage. FBA has brought huge sales and handsome returns to many sellers.

First, save administrative costs because FBA handles shipping and customer service.

The total margin is much better than eBay.

Second, to improve sales speed: Some buyers are unwilling to buy goods from third-party sellers, and they pay much attention to FBA products:

When buyers know that products are handled directly by Amazon, those who do not trust third-party sellers are more inclined to choose products represented by Amazon. (There could be a variety of reasons — not trusting third-party sellers to process orders as accurately and deliver them as quickly as Amazon; Or a bad experience with third-party sellers; Maybe the buyer is buying something to give as a gift and they don’t want to take a chance; Is it really brand new?) Even if a third-party seller offers a lower price than Amazon, there are still some buyers who will choose FBA.

Free Shipping

Price-conscious customers take advantage of free shipping on Amazon. Free two-day shipping is available on orders of more than $25, or for products marked with amazon’s offer. FBA enjoys Amazon’s free shipping campaigns — Super Saver and Prime Shipping. That way, buyers can ship their Amazon and FBA products together. The seller can also opt for next-day delivery.

High exposure:

FBA products are more likely to appear at the top of Amazon’s search page. FBA prices do not include shipping and handling charges. So when you search under “low Price”, it will appear at the top of the search page, although some sellers will offer lower prices than FBA, you will have to pay extra postage. These products are prominently displayed on Amazon’s product page and also have the FBA logo. Amazon listings appear in a “buy box” (non-media only).

Third, buyers can return these products directly to Amazon

Fourth, the sellers can add their own logos to the description of non-media products in the list.

Fifth. How to transport goods to Amazon warehouse

  1. Direct delivery to Amazon warehouse by commercial express; At present, most buyers choose this way to operate mainly because it is relatively fast and flexible, but we all know that Amazon does not exist as the recipient, that is to say, goods are directly sent to the location of Amazon’s warehouse without the recipient, the problem is coming! What if there is something wrong with the goods at the destination customs? Who should deal with it? The answer is to find no one to deal with, so the goods will face the dilemma of returning, and the cost of returning is quite staggering.
  2. FBA Amazon head service of the third-party logistics company is used. The difference lies in that the company provides the contact information of the recipient.

Secondly, if the labels of goods are not clearly printed and thus cannot be successfully entered into the amazon warehouse, the freight company can also help customers to re-print the labels and ship them to the Amazon warehouse.

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