China is often described as the”world’s factory,” making or assembling numerous items for export to a variety of industries. Unsurprisingly, China is the biggest container market worldwide and ports play an important function in international trade.

With more than 1800 secondary ports and 150 major ports China has become the hub of the supply chain system across the globe. China’s most well-known ports include Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yantian, Chiwan and many more.

Looking to ship from China? Here are a few of China’s top ports along with information on their shipping services capacities, container handling capacities and related services.

Shanghai Port

Shanghai is the biggest most populated port world, handling over 25% of all global shipping. Shanghai Port has maintained a first-place position in container throughput for eleven consecutive years, managing more than 60000 TEUs worth of goods over 43 years.

Shanghai Port has a deep sea port as well as one that is an in-river port which supervises more than two vessels each month. It offers a range of container services such as the loading of and unloading process, as well as freight forwarding warehouses and warehousing, distribution ports logistics as well as cargo management.

Shanghai Port has the ability to handle various products, both international and domestic Its main imports and exports are steel, coal, metal oil, and machinery components.

Ningbo Port

Ningbo Port is the second largest port within China and the third biggest port worldwide, with a the capacity of 720000 TEUs within the span of 28 years. Following the union between Ningbo Port with Zhoushan Port in 2020, the port was officially named Ningbo and Zhoushan Port.

Ningbo Port, located in Zhejiang Province in the eastern region of China It it is a port in deep water linking 600 ports. It is home to 19 ports comprising Beilun (seaport), Zhenhai (seaport), Ningbo (inland port), Daxie, Meishan and many more.

For trade purposes, Ningbo Zhoushan Port is the world’s largest iron ore as well as refinery base. It is also a significant transport and storage hub for liquid chemicals, coal and grains.

Shenzhen Port

Shenzhen Port connects South China with the rest of China. It is the fourth biggest port in the world, and the third biggest port in China with a capacity of 50000 TEUs within 26 years.

Yantian Port is the preferred port to call for container ships. It has an 8-kilometer wharf with 16 container berths, and 200-yard cranes. This is also the least expensive option for imports to in the United States.

Shenzhen Port manages more than 550 ships each month, and boasts 140 container transportation ports. The main exports of Shenzhen include tableware, medical equipment mechanical parts, chemicals as well as plastic moulds.

Qingdao Port

As the hub for transfer along the western Pacific coast The port is equipped to handle various types of cargo and containers including metal ore, crude oil and coal. Qingdao Container Terminal has a specific storage and management facilities for iron ore.

Qingdao Port’s deepwater natural port and the most advanced technology provides world-class logistics services including loading and unloading port-related services, fully automated container terminalswith single unloading distribution, warehousing, etc.

Tianjin Port

Tianjin Port serves as the main seaport to Beijing the capital city of China. Formerly called Tanggu Port, it is the biggest port of northern China and also the biggest man-made port in the world.

The port is home to four terminals for loading and unloading containers. Tianjin Port Container Terminal (TCT) is the biggest terminal, with 13 container berths as well as an overall length of 3.5 kilometers. There are also special terminals that handle coal, coal-based fuels metal ore, as well as crude oil. Other transport items include cars, liquid bulk goods, bulk freight, and other general items.

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