Tips for saving money on international shipping

Shipping costs are an important, if not the most important, part of your business expenses when moving goods internationally. Choosing the right mode of transportation for your company, understanding how goods move through the supply chain, and optimizing the visibility of the supply chain will help you save money. DDP for World is a full-service and shipping forwarder dedicated to the international logistics company in China with experienced and professionally trained staffs handling Amazon FBA shipments, DDP shipping, Sea shipping,FCL, LCL, Air shipping, and Express shipping, DG Cargo Shipping and e-business packages,etc. offering one-stop shipping solutions.

To save even more money, you’ll also need to develop other business skills, which are discussed below; After all, transportation costs are a critical factor in transportation systems.


1) Don’t leave your bulk goods to suppliers

Don’t leave bulk goods with suppliers unless you have no choice, because costs are mostly logistics and most sellers make the mistake of thinking that this is the easiest and fastest thing to do – leave goods with suppliers.

Instead, it is best to choose a carrier on your side, as this is the only way to ensure control over the cargo. But plan ahead, because sometimes in the middle of the season, it can be difficult to get seats with shipping companies because of capacity issues.


2) Plan ahead to avoid rush hours:

In international shipping, you always need to plan your shipment in advance, as the lead time of your goods is a key factor in determining the mode of transportation. Also knowing China’s holiday schedule as well as important shipping deadlines and guidelines will save you time and money, as shipping prices will spike during these peak times due to factory and road staffing shortages and factory closures.

Generally, transportation costs increase during the following periods:

Chinese New Year when factories and facilities close, leading to price spikes and delays;

Golden Week The weeklong holiday exacerbates the spike in holiday prices and delays,

Dragon Boat Festival During this holiday, businesses usually close for three days,

Holiday Shopping Season Prices have risen steadily for months as businesses gear up for holiday shopping by air from October to December and by sea from July to October.


Prices are more competitive when traffic is relatively smooth — such as after the Annual Spring Festival, and in March-April.


3) Find a reliable logistics partner for cooperation.

Make sure your logistics partners get the best deals from air carriers, shipping companies and truckers. Check if your logistics partner has multiple ocean carrier contracts available. If your logistics partner has multiple carriers to choose from, you will be more likely to get your goods on board as economically and efficiently as possible. If they have multiple carrier contracts, they can always find an alternative to ship your goods.


4) Make sure you integrate your goods

It is important to consolidate your goods, especially if they are purchased from different suppliers. Logistics companies can provide LCL processes at any port of departure to store and deliver goods from different suppliers to you together.


5) Looking for mixed transportation solutions

If air freight is too expensive and sea freight cannot be delivered on time, you can work with your freight forwarder. He can provide you with multimodal options that combine air and sea transportation with other forms of surface transportation (truck, train or other means of transportation).


International transport can be A complex mode of transport or an easy way to get goods from point A to point B, and it is crucial to choose the most cost-effective and timely mode of transport. It is recommended to explore various shipping options with your freight forwarder to ensure that you ship your goods at the lowest total price.


We recommend that you look for a reliable one-stop freight forwarder from China to Canada, to the USA, to the UK and other countries to handle your shipment. They can help you transport your goods safely and efficiently at the lowest cost.


6) Think about your packaging

Many companies choose to let their suppliers handle packaging. To save money, you should get involved in the packaging process by asking the freight forwarder if there is a way to improve the process because in International shipping, it’s not the weight that matters, it’s the space the cargo takes up.


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