Five physical steps and two documentation steps in international transportation:

In the transportation of goods from shipper to consignee, there are five physical steps and two document steps that must be carried out for each shipment. Each step has associated costs that must be met by someone (usually the shipper or consignee). If you want to avoid cost surprises and unnecessary delays in your supply chain, read these 7 important steps for international shipping. Get the full-service and shipping freight forwarder businesses from DDPRORWORLD.

Export transportation

Export transport The place where products are transported from a shipping business to an international freight forwarder. The mode of transportation depends on the product transported and the agreement between the shipper and the consignee. If the consignee is responsible for the entire international shipment, the freight forwarder may carry out export shipments. Otherwise, export transportation is handled by local transportation companies. If the product consists of less than full container cargo (LCL), it is stored in the warehouse of the international freight forwarder until it passes the export customs.

Export customs clearance

All customs requirements must be cleared before the goods leave the country. Certified Customs professionals prepare and submit documents to customs for shipment. Shipping companies can hire international freight forwarders with certified customs agents or have customs brokers designate their cargoes.

Once the goods have been declared and cleared, they can be processed for export and shipped by air or sea.

Export processing

Export processing prepares ships or aircraft for international travel. This involves consolidating multiple shipments into a single container if necessary, transporting the container to a port, and loading the container onto a ship or aircraft. The international freight forwarder handles the process, but it is up to the shipper and consignee to decide which freight forwarder to choose and who will pay.

Shipping by Sea or Air

Goods are shipped by sea or air, depending on specific shipping requirements. It’s more expensive but faster than sea transportation. Shipping by sea is the most cost-effective option. Although transportation requirements, such as shipping time and order size, determine the mode of shipment, international freight companies choose shipping companies or air carriers.

The contract signed by the freight forwarding company and the international transportation company does not include the original consignor or consignee. The shipper and consignee decide who will pay the freight company for this service. Interested parties must also determine who bears the financial risk and liability for the goods. This is illustrated using INCO clauses that must be included in shipping documents such as sales contracts, purchase orders, pro forma and commercial invoices and bills of lading.

Import customs clearance

Importing countries have their own laws and regulations on purchases. The goods will remain at the designated customs destination warehouse until the designated qualified customs agent submits the necessary documents. Similar to export customs, the agent files customs declarations and performs any import duties to clear the import customs. The agent shall be appointed by the freight forwarding company or the original consignor.

Import processing

Import processing is the movement of goods from a ship or aircraft to a destination warehouse. Similar to export processing, it involves unloading containers, transporting them from the dock to the warehouse, unpacking and preparing the goods for the consignee. Freight forwarders coordinate and pay for import processing and then pass the price on to the shipper or consignee.

Import transportation

The final step in the international transport supply chain occurs when the goods leave the destination warehouse for the consignee to pick up. During this part of the process, the freight forwarder either delivers the goods or hires a local transportation company to carry them by rail, truck, or both. Once the goods arrive at the consignee’s location, the responsibility is transferred to the consignee. This is the end of the international supply chain.

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