From pharmaceutical and machinery to bulk items and personal things, thousands of items are shipped to every part of the world each day. If you’re the first to ship or you want to relocate to a new country that has household goods and other household items, you must make sure that your items arrive in good condition.

This means that there must be sufficient packaging in place to avoid damages, while also taking into consideration external influences like the environment your product may be exposed to and the handling capabilities required.

  1. What makes the right packaging crucial?

This is to ensure the security of the products you are transporting and to protect yourself from the possibility of losses, claims, and damages. Many people are trying to save money by packaging without considering the larger picture. When designing packaging, it is crucial to take into consideration the kind of products you intend to transport as well as their transport.

  1. What is the importance of the labeling and filling?

They are crucial. The dock workers, airport or transporter and freight forwarders don’t know the type of goods they’re handling during taking goods off and loading them. If you are handling items which require handling in different ways, ensure that you include labels like “This way up”, “Handle with care”, “Fragile”, “Do not double stack” to ensure that they are aware of how to be careful when handling pallets. It is also crucial to put them on both sides of the crate to ensure better visibility.

  1. How often are the products damaged due to the absence of the correct packaging?

The transport industry is characterized by loads and unloading each day. In transportation, the goods are continuously being moved, compressed and pushed due to external influences. In addition, it also is exposed to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It is often seen that packaging defects could result in claims. Our experience suggests that insurance and truck transportation firms often deny the claims based on inadequate packaging. This is a fact. So, to lessen the risk of needing to file an insurance claim, please make sure that you use the correct packaging.

  1. How can shippers make packaging for their products?

If you plan to transport delicate, costly and heavy objects it is best to choose a business that offers expert packaging services in order to avoid lawsuits and damage.

It’s one thing to reduce costs for packaging however it’s a different thing to be a risk to damage expensive items. Do not simply set the minimum for costly goods. Also, we should take into consideration the destination for the product and the number of people will be handling it.

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