Ocean freight forwarding import business sea shipping refers to the process of contracting and accepting goods, arranging ships to load goods at foreign ports, transporting them to China, arranging to unload and delivering the goods to the consignee as soon as possible.

The business process of import business of ocean freight forwarder

① To undertake and accept the chartering and space booking entrustment of the cargo owner.

The freight forwarder must establish the idea of serving the cargo owner, keep in close contact with the cargo owner, solve problems for the cargo owner, timely master the trend of import supply, and actively undertake and accept the entrustment of chartering and space booking of import commodities concluded by relevant import enterprises.

② Prepare a list of goods.

Generally, the cargo owner’s import booking contact list shall be submitted to the freight forwarder 35 days before the delivery date. The freight forwarder shall prepare the cargo list according to the booking entrustment and send it to the relevant loading agents in time to determine the source of goods.

③ Cargo stowage.

According to the nature and specifications of the goods to be carried and the requirements of other shippers, book space with the liner company that has negotiated the terms of freight rate, shipment, payment and agency commission in advance, so as to achieve reasonable ship allocation.

④ Send voyage arrangement instructions to foreign agents.

After the cargo is allocated, it shall timely issue voyage arrangement instructions to the foreign agent, urge the foreign agent to reduce the time of the ship at the loading port and make rational use of the cabin capacity and loading capacity, and notify the domestic import company of the name of the ship and the loading period.

⑤ Keep and distribute import documents.

Documents for import goods are generally divided into two types: business documents and shipping documents. The freight forwarder shall be responsible for keeping and distributing shipping documents, and relevant documents shall be sent to the unloading port in time.

⑥ Master the dynamics of imported ships.

It is very important to master the dynamics of the imported ships and the shipping schedule to do a good job in the port work, timely and reasonably arrange the unloading of the imported ships, and deliver the goods to the consignee as soon as possible. The freight forwarder shall fill in the transportation card and the dynamic table of imported ships. When arranging cargo, both domestic liner and foreign liner shall carefully fill in according to the ship and voyage as the basis for cargo arrangement. The contents of the transport card include the name of the ship, the date of shipment, the main cargo category, quantity, actual loading capacity of the goods allocated at each port, and the time of arrival and departure. If there are special cargoes (such as deck cargoes, dangerous goods or heavy cargoes), they shall be listed so that the unloading port can make receiving arrangements in advance.

⑦ Do a good job in the handover of imported goods after arrival at the port.

After the imported goods arrive at the port, as a cargo agent, he shall be responsible for the handover of the port. It shall perform on-site unloading supervision and control the quality and quantity of imported goods. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with the tallyman at the port to unload and tally goods according to the bill of lading. Mixed unloading is strictly prohibited. Unloaded goods shall also be stacked according to the bill of lading and shipping mark. For pick-up and dangerous goods at the ship’s side, contact relevant parties in time according to the unloading speed, and do a good job in connection. For oversized cargo, the size, weight, lifting points and drawings shall be provided before the cargo arrives at the port, so as to prepare the receiving vehicles and barges for timely transportation. Key goods, such as steel, mechanical parts and rubber, shall be handled by special personnel to avoid confusion. After the cargo is unloaded, it shall be unloaded for inspection to prevent missing unloading and shall be responsible for customs declaration and inspection at the port. After the declaration, the customs release sheet shall be handed over to the consignee for picking up the goods.

⑧ Import consignment.

After the dynamic cargo is unloaded and declared, the consignee takes delivery of the cargo at the wharf by himself is called self-delivery. A freight forwarder who receives and delivers the goods and arranges for the transfer of the goods to the place designated by the consignee is called import forwarding. Each entrusting unit can directly propose long-term or temporary entrustment to the freight forwarder and sign the agreement on domestic delivery and forwarding of sea import

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