Global epidemics and international conflicts have led to factory stoppages, flight cancellations, port bottlenecks, personnel shortages, cargo diversions, extended transport times, and soaring surcharges and fuel prices. “Supply chain problem” has become a common term for almost everything.

But even in such a complex period, smart shippers can find ways to sail in the turbulent waters and keep ahead in the competition. Just pay attention to details, abide by rules and avoid self-harm can help keep the transportation smooth, even if the supply chain process is not smooth.

  1. Don’t bear it alone

When the transport capacity of the supply chain is disturbed, even if it has worked well, it may not work at all. It is important to have alternatives. Any good strategy begins with a reliable plan, a better alternative plan and a reliable freight forwarding service provider.

However, a good plan may encounter interference in the future. Immediate adjustment is the key. Through good cooperation with your freight forwarder and seamless communication between the buyer, the factory, the carrier and the receiving and distribution center, we can help reduce the number of transportation days in the port-to-port and door-to-door delivery journey for customers.

  1. Now we need better prediction

In turbulent times, accurate and early prediction is crucial. Other considerations include early delivery, early inventory planning, focusing on the right product mix, and not ordering more than the consignee can handle.

  1. Don’t worry about optimizing the route and mode

Unpredictable things can destroy the status quo at any time. Labor shortage, port closure, Suez Canal chaos. Your ability to quickly re-optimize routes can minimize or mitigate delays. Can you transport goods in different ways to avoid crowded lanes? Do you have different purchasing channels? Can you adjust the shipment size to take advantage of the alternative mode? Or use a different model than you are used to?

In addition, by adjusting the order size to optimize air, sea or rail transportation, you can usually save transportation time.

  1. The details in customs clearance are very important

One of the biggest reasons for the delay of goods is customs security. Worse is the loss of import privileges. Therefore, although speed is important in other areas of the supply chain, shortcuts are the root cause of disasters in terms of customs declaration and compliance.

Once you get the attention of the customs, you may lose the import license, or you may see that each batch of goods is marked for inspection. Customs declaration requires a lot of information. However, paying attention to details and accuracy in an orderly manner is the best way to avoid delay.

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