For enterprises engaged in maritime import and export business, the basic flow of maritime export transportation is necessary to master, then, what does the basic flow of maritime export transportation sea shipping include?

In the case of CIF or CFR terms of the transaction, the basic flow of maritime export transportation is as follows.

  1. Review the shipping terms in the credit

To make a successful shipment, after receipt of l/c, must be the audit certificate about shipment terms, such as the shipment time, foreign exchange settlement period, the loading port, the port of destination, whether transshipment or partial shipment as well as whether to designate shipping company, name of the vessel, the master class, etc., and some certificate required to provide a variety of proof, such as course certificate, certificate of registration, etc., on the terms and provisions, Acceptance or request for modification shall be considered in the light of national policy, international practice, reasonableness and/or feasibility of the request.

  1. Prepare goods for inspection

According to the export contract and the letter of credit about the variety of goods, specifications, quantity, packaging and other provisions, on time, quality, quantity to prepare the export goods should be delivered, and do a good job of application for inspection and get a certificate. Refrigerated goods to do a good job of cooling, to ensure that the shipment meets the specified temperature requirements. In our country, all the commodities listed in the “list of categories” stipulated by the commodity inspection authorities and the commodities issued by the commodity inspection authorities according to the provisions of the letter of credit and the trade contract shall be applied for commodity inspection by filling in the “Application form for Export Inspection” before the export declaration. If the weight of some export commodities needs to be appraised, or the animal and plant quarantine or sanitary or safety inspection is required, it shall be done in advance and qualified inspection certificates shall be obtained. Do a good job of preparation before shipment, the goods certificate is complete, and you can handle the consignment work.

  1. Check-in and book space

When the export consignment document is prepared, the booking procedures can be handled by the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder shall book shipping space with the shipping company or its agent in a timely manner after sorting the shipping route according to the specific requirements of the owner. Owners can also book space directly from the shipping company or its agent. When the shipping company or its agent issues the bill of lading, the booking work is completed, it means that the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier has been concluded.

  1. Insurance

If the goods are covered by the seller’s insurance after the shipping space has been booked, the insurance procedures for cargo transportation insurance can be completed. The insurance amount is usually based on the CIF value of the invoice plus the insurance amount (according to the agreement between the buyer and the seller, if not agreed, generally plus 10% insurance).

  1. Cargo concentrated port area

After the arrival and loading plan of the ship is confirmed, the shipper shall, according to the purchase notice of the port area and within the specified time limit, complete the collection and transportation procedures, and timely transport the export goods to the port area for concentration and waiting for shipment, so as to clear the batch, number and marks. Special attention should be paid to keeping close contact with the port area, shipping company, relevant transportation company or railway, etc., to complete the purchase on time, to prevent disconnection of work and affect the shipment progress.

  1. Customs declaration

After the goods are concentrated in the port area, the prepared declaration form of export goods together with the packing list, invoice, packing list, commodity inspection certificate, export sales contract, foreign exchange verification list and other relevant documents shall be declared to the customs for export, which shall be checked and released by the customs officer before shipment.

  1. Loading work

Before loading, the tallyman, on behalf of the ship, collect the loading list and receipt list of the goods released by the customs. After sorting, the goods are loaded in batches according to the stowage plan and manifest. In the process of loading, the freight forwarder entrusted by the shipper shall supervise the loading on the spot, keep track of the loading progress and deal with the temporary problems. After loading, the chief tallyman and chief mate sign the receipt and hand it to the shipper. If a shipment is found defective or unpacked, the tallyman will mark it on the receipt and the mate will sign it to establish the liability of both parties. However, as a shipper, you should try to obtain a clean bill of lading without marking on the receipt.

  1. Loading completed

In addition to giving the notice of shipment to the consignee, the shipper may exchange for the onboard bill of lading against the receiving one-way shipping company or its agent, and then the transportation work will come to an end.

  1. Prepare documents and settle foreign exchange

After all the documents of exchange settlement stipulated in the contract or letter of credit are prepared, the bank shall submit the documents to handle the formalities of exchange settlement within the validity period of negotiation stipulated in the contract or letter of credit.

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