Introduction to shipping from China to the UK

There are quite a few product shippers making substantial profits from popular imports shipping from China to the UK. Shipping these items to Britain guaranteed a substantial profit, as they were in high demand on the British market. Some of the items included shoes, bags, clothes, tires, bicycles, LED lights, solar panels, batteries, food and beverages, Chinese tea, mobile phones and accessories, electronic equipment, jewelry, furniture, toys, cosmetics and more. All these items and more can be sourced online from Chinese suppliers. Popular online platforms for sourcing products made in China include Alibaba, the Made in China website and trade shows such as the Canton Fair and Hong Kong Trade Fair.

Shipping from China to the UK, you should know the Incoterms of trade

To confirm your order from China to the UK, you should also confirm trade INcoTerms.

Some of the most important international trade terms related to international trade are discussed below.


FOB (Free on Board) is the arrangement between the buyer and the seller for the transportation of goods. Under FOB, the seller delivers the goods only to the ship. Once on the ship, the buyer is responsible for the cargo from that point to the port of destination.


Also known as EXWorks, such agreements between two parties are more liable to the buyer and much less to the seller. The seller simply delivers the item to a pre-agreed location, after which the buyer’s agent receives it and processes it for onward shipment to the buyer’s home country.


CFR (Cost of Freight) requires the seller to clear export goods and deliver the said goods to the ship. The seller shall bear the freight and the buyer shall bear the customs clearance and logistics at the port of destination.


Delivery duty paid assigns financial responsibility and logistics for the goods to the seller. Under DDP, the buyer is not responsible for anything other than collecting the item.


CIF is also another very important international trade term that relates to the transportation of goods from China to the United Kingdom. Cost, Insurance and Freight arrangements will be solely for the Seller’s account. Under CIF, the buyer pays no insurance premium.

What is the transport process from China to the UK?

The process of transporting goods from China to the UK is as follows:

Pick up the goods

You or your agent will pick up items from the supplier’s warehouse in China. If the items are few, you pack them in boxes, but if they are large, you need a 20 – or 40-foot container to ship them.

Port of delivery

Then, depending on the mode of transportation, the items will be transported to Chinese seaports or airports. At this point, your goods will go through the standard export procedures of China Customs and be ready for shipment.

Transport of goods

After going through the customs process, your goods will be loaded onto a ship or cargo plane and then transported to the UK.

Port of destination

When your goods arrive at the destination port, another process will take place. Hm Customs will check whether the items meet the approved standards and determine the value of the items. To complete the UK clearance process, you will need a licensed UK customs broker to complete the process on your behalf. You can pick up the goods immediately after they are cleared.

How do calculate import duties from China to the UK?

Keep in mind that the British government charges import duty or VAT on goods brought into the country from China.

The amount of import duty you will have to pay depends on the nature of the item, as different items will attract different duties. To calculate the clearance rate, consult the HS code to determine the specific rate for classified items. To calculate the exact import duty, you can rely on the customs broker’s experience to calculate it for you, or you can visit the UK Customs website to assess the clearance rate.

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