Introduction of freight forwarder transportation solution

If you are new to importing from China, it will be difficult to do without the help of a freight forwarder. Because of this, many importers choose the best way and company to ship their goods from China to simplify the process. Therefore, freight forwarding service is very important. Let’s take a look at the services each importer can get from a Chinese freight forwarder.

Marine Forwarding Service

If you want to ship something by sea, it may be a good idea to hire a shipping agent. They can help you with all the tasks that come with shipping. A sea freight forwarder always involves many different tasks, such as delivering goods to a terminal, loading goods, retaining containers, etc. Therefore, many importers hire the best shipping agent to avoid all these problems.

Container Transfer Service

In the Marine forwarding service, freight forwarders do many things, one of which is container forwarding. This means figuring out which type of container works best for the size and quantity of cargo.

The whole case by sea

When you have a lot of things to ship, you need FCL shipping, which stands for “full container load.” In FCL, one person owns the entire container and all the goods inside belong to the same buyer.

LCL shipping

LCL shipping, which stands for “less than container capacity,” is what you need if you have only a small number of items to ship. This container is also called an “LCL” because it holds the goods of several different people. Therefore, if the goods are not too heavy, the freight forwarder will use LCL.

Air freight Forwarding Service

Most freight forwarders have experts in air freight forwarders and all other types of transportation. Air cargo agents help figure out what the best flying machine is and all that comes with it.

Air freight agents will know all about air freight, and they usually do not carry out any other type of transport. Therefore, if you hire an air freight agent, you can get specialized help. Air freight agency tasks need to be done by people who know how to do them. This makes the process much smoother.

Railway freight forwarder

Rail freight forwarders are one of the oldest and cheapest ways to get products to your door. However, there are some limitations to this approach. You can only use this service if your location is accessible by land. Alternatively, if there are no more rail shipping options, you can ask the freight forwarder to use rail shipping and then choose the convenient method.

Express freight

If you need to import perishable goods quickly, please choose express shipping service. Express freight is used to transport items such as medicines, fruits, vegetables, meat and other food products. In this way, the goods can be quickly sent to the importer. This is also a service that importers can obtain from forwarders or agents.

Amazon FBA freight forwarder

Amazon FBA or Amazon Fulfillment By Amazon is Amazon’s service to select, package and deliver custom products. In this service, Amazon fulfillment centers will hold the products. Amazon’s fulfillment network is among the best in the world. You can search through different ways to find the best Amazon FBA freight forwarder in China. FBA freight forwarders help sellers ship goods from overseas factories to Amazon’s distribution centers. FBA freight forwarders help with organization, storage and logistics.

DDPFORWORLD-Professional freight forwarder in China

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