FBA Shipping from China to USA – How to make shipping from China to US Amazon FBA easy?

Whether you decide to streamline your shipping process with freight forwarding services or move on with drop shipping, you need to be ready for your shipments to ship. A key aspect of shipping to Amazon FBA is ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations so that once your product arrives, it is ready for customer delivery.

Here’s what you need to do to simplify the shipping process and get your shipments to the US hassle-free. At DDPFORWORLD FBA service, we take care of everything from sourcing to shipping, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than selling.

Actively control the quality of goods using FBA

From low cost to an operational speed, sourcing from China has several key advantages. However, quality control can be a challenge. Unless you have a reliable contact on-site or in the area, it can be helpful to hire a freight forwarder to assist and manage the shipment on your behalf.

Many online retailers don’t realize their products are below the necessary quality standards until they reach Amazon’s warehouses. Perform quality control inspections while the goods are still in the factory to avoid dealing with quality control issues after your product arrives in the United States. It is more cost-effective to rework and deal with quality issues while the product is in its original manufacturing facility.

While there are additional costs for product quality checks, they should be considered a necessary expense for businesses sourcing goods from China.

If first-hand quality inspection is not feasible for you or your business, the next best solution is to hire a third-party quality control service located in China to inspect your merchandise. Make sure you choose a reliable quality control company that can perform a pre-shipment inspection (PSI) that meets Amazon’s quality standards, known as the acceptable quality limit (AQL).

Inspections are usually performed when your order is approximately 80% complete. For smaller orders (1,000 pieces or less), you can inspect the entire shipment. Before shipping, create a detailed quality checklist to ensure your product meets Amazon’s standards. An experienced quality control service can help you put together a comprehensive checklist.

Pack your product correctly

Don’t risk your shipment being rejected by Amazon after it arrives in the US due to incorrect packaging. The three most important quality factors for Amazon packaging compliance are:

Labels: According to Amazon regulations, product labels must be readable, have a white background, and display accurate product information. All items must have unique barcodes and there should be no redundant barcodes on the packaging. This ensures fast and straightforward scanning.

Packaging: Packaging must be suitable for shipping. With over 7,000 miles of travel and up to 30 days in transit, your packaging should be break and leak-proof. High-quality packaging helps ensure your shipment arrives in top condition and meets Amazon’s shipping standards. DDPFORWORLD has a lot of experience in FBA shipping, and it will be an excellent choice for you to cooperate with us.

Items Per Box: All cartons should have the same quantity of products. It is also important to ensure that the outer carton does not have mixed SKUs.

Create an Amazon Shipping Program

Creating an Amazon Fulfillment Program in Amazon Seller Central is essential for a smooth, stress-free shipping experience. Essentially, an Amazon Shipping Plan outlines key details of your shipment. This enables Amazon to properly handle your items and ensure they are properly handled, labeled and distributed.

The most important details of the Amazon shipping program include:

Products you wish to send to an Amazon facility


Shipping method and carrier details

Product Labeling and Packaging

returned messages

This is usually the most complicated step in the FBA process and can take some time. However, Amazon makes it easier for you by giving sellers a step-by-step guide on how to complete the process. Freight forwarding services can also help with this step. Once your shipping plan is complete, your shipments are ready for sale and distribution.

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