The challenge of on-time delivery

While on-time performance has always been an important part of customer satisfaction and retention, e-commerce growth, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other market factors have increased capacity concerns even as delivery expectations continue to rise. This means companies face greater challenges in delivering products, which can lead to penalties and lost business opportunities. The key to improving on-time performance is to have policies and processes in place that help you meet the toughest shipping deadlines.

What causes poor on-time performance?

Even in the most stable of transport environments, a number of factors can affect transport times. From normal traffic, weather, and road construction to poorly planned and outdated strategies, there are a number of reasons your shipment may miss the deadline. While these challenges can crop up in any supply chain at any time, the current state of the freight industry makes them more difficult to overcome.

Often, faster shipping can help you manage short-term delays and inconvenience, but if you face ongoing challenges, deeper supply chain issues could be the cause. Knowing when and how to apply short-term transport fixes and a comprehensive supply chain strategy is critical to maintaining progress.

Shipping solutions help you deliver on time

As many companies experience disruptions in manufacturing and imports, more and more shippers are relying on time-critical options to make up for lost time and meet their delivery appointments. In cases where shipments are behind schedule, deadlines are tight or are vulnerable to shipping delays or potential nonpayments, a faster average shipping time model can often help you stay on schedule and protect your profits. Discuss with your supplier about adding these time-sensitive solutions to your shipment.

Domestic air

The fastest expedited option, domestic air freight gives your goods a transit advantage overland freight options. And because cargo can choose to leave on the next available flight, it’s often the fastest solution to get goods out the door, meaning it’s a great option if you need to get them out of the way immediately in the fastest possible way.

The ground acceleration

Expedited ground transportation is very suitable when freight needs fast, uninterrupted transportation. Expedite can sometimes use a team of drivers to ensure shipments continue day and night. It combines speed and visibility to provide a faster alternative to full-vehicle (FTL) transport when time is tight.


Time-limited option guarantees delivery of your LTL or FTL shipment on a specific date, time range, or specified date and time. Guaranteed delivery also means that if certain events prevent on-time delivery, you can get cost protection that lets you rest easy on your most critical shipments.

Working with your suppliers to choose the right solution for your shipments can help you deliver on time, but it’s also important to look at your entire supply chain for opportunities to improve efficiency.

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