In the international logistics industry, freight forwarders always need reliable partners to do business. But many agents have found that it is very troublesome to choose the right forwarder, because there are too many forwarders in the market, and there are many factors to consider when choosing partners. A good freight forwarder can help enterprises, factories and cross-border e-commerce sellers control logistics costs and maximize profits and can also help customers deal with customs declaration and clearance problems, ensure the safety and efficiency of goods, help customers improve competitiveness. So how do choose an excellent international freight forwarder?

Learn more about the freight forwarder you want to choose

The Internet hHow to choose an excellent and suitable international freight forwarder?as revolutionized the global logistics industry, allowing freight forwarders all over the world to connect with each other. Just through the official website of the freight forwarder, you can simply understand the other party’s profile and business, but you can not blindly believe the information you see on the website. Even if the website is a shortcut to understanding a company, but sometimes hard to avoid can have some companies publish inaccurate information, with no real image to attract customers, so in order to avoid the pit, when looking for a partner, you’d better back in all aspects, such as the reference of their customer feedback, financial background, reputation and so on, to prove that the other party’s reputation in the market.

Get to know each other through their customers

The Internet cannot be your only reference when choosing forwarders. Before choosing forwarders, you are advised to communicate with some customers of the other side and listen to their opinions and feedback. And by understanding some of their previous business, they can know more about the status of the forwarder.

Price is not the only factor in choosing a partner

Everyone knows it’s important to find a freight forwarder who can offer competitive pricing to save more profit by avoiding unnecessary spending. But you have to be aware that the lowest cost freight forwarder often can’t provide high-quality service.

So when looking for a freight forwarder partner, in addition to the price, you should also consider the forwarder company’s infrastructure, such as delivery time, cargo insurance, customer experience and team experience. If you only consider the lowest cost, you may end up wishing you hadn’t.

Understand the professional knowledge of freight forwarders

The forwarder’s expertise is a very important consideration when choosing a partner. Although the new freight business advocates innovative thinking to solve problems, you also need to choose a freight forwarder that can truly meet your needs. You need to get a sense of the company’s expertise by asking about their previous experience, particularly in shipping dangerous or perishable goods, large cargo, and valuable goods. Try to find a solid professional knowledge and innovative freight forwarding company to work with that will make your business more convenient.

Reject outdated contact lists

When we look for forwarder partners, they often have lists of their customer contacts over the years, but it is worth noting that some of these lists are out of date and don’t necessarily match the year. For example, companies that have grown rapidly in the past may now be bankrupt, and the lack of timely information is of no use to you, and may even cloud your judgment. So you should always pay attention to the latest trends in the logistics market, to know which forwarders are doing well at present, and constantly update their list, which is very useful for you when looking for partners.

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