What is air freight?

When choosing the mode of transportation of goods, you need to understand the impact of sea shipping, or air freight on delivery time, safety and cost. In the modern business world, customers expect their products to be delivered quickly and lossless at a reasonable price. When speed is your number one priority, air freight is the best solution.

When using air freight, you can meet customer requirements while still maintaining a cost-effective price point, which helps to receive repeat business. As with any delivery method, consistency and predictability are key elements, and air transport is one of the most reliable. Air transport is a critical part of running an efficient supply chain. Choosing Air freight from DDPFPRWORLD is the ideal solution for moving goods quickly and safely around the country or the world. It enables shoppers to quickly and easily respond to customer and market needs.

How does air freight work?

In general, the operation method of international air freight includes the following steps:

  1. Accept consignor’s inquiry

Generally speaking, the owner of the air freight inquiry needs to provide airport information, specific information of the goods, delivery time, freight settlement method, whether there are other special requirements and other information

  1. Accept consignor’s entrustment

When both parties have settled all matters, the shipper needs to provide the consignment letter, after receiving the receipt, the forwarder will carefully review the receipt, mainly check whether the basic information is complete, confirm the receipt and delivery time and delivery method.

  1. The booking

After receiving the consignor’s authorization, the forwarder will choose the appropriate route and flight time to book space with the carrier according to the consignor’s requirements.

  1. Into the warehouse

There are two kinds of warehousing: freight forwarder picking up goods and cargo owner delivering goods by themselves. If the cargo owner delivers goods by himself, the freight forwarder will provide the cargo warehousing notice in advance, informing the warehousing number and delivery address. If the forwarder needs to pick up the goods, it is necessary to provide the delivery address and delivery time in advance, confirm the delivery fee, and then operate.

  1. Clearance of goods

The consignor shall provide the materials required for customs declaration: the corresponding packing list, invoice, declaration power of attorney and other documents (at present, all the national customs implement paperless declaration, customers need to sign paperless agreement with the customs online), and the waybill together with the customs declaration to the customs. The customs shall release the goods and complete the declaration formalities after checking and verifying the goods without error.

  1. Confirmation and amendment of bill of lading

The forwarder shall confirm with the customer the accuracy of the contents and information of the BILL of lading, and issue the bill of lading upon confirmation. If the contents of the BILL of lading need to be modified after this confirmation, certain costs will be incurred.

  1. Fee settlement

Fees shall be settled according to the settlement method agreed by both parties. In the case of cash settlement, the freight shall be paid in advance by the owner and then the cargo shall be shipped by the carrier. If both parties sign a monthly settlement agreement, the settlement shall be made in accordance with the settlement time agreed by both parties.

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