1、General import and export companies

It belongs to the traditional meaning, mostly small or family enterprises, with a scale of 1-5 people, and its trade opportunities are characterized by filling in the gaps and seeking the remaining small profits in the cracks. Most of them obtain free information through non-profit organizations such as foreign economic and commercial institutions, and obtain customer resources and open up channels by participating in the Canton Fair, Toy Fair, Houseware Fair, Hardware Fair, etc.

2、Huashang Import and Export Corporation

This is an industry extended from the restaurant industry and the sundries industry. The customers it serves are mainly Chinese and Chinese restaurants, and the products it sells are mostly Chinese food, dry goods, seasonings, and daily groceries. In recent years, the business of Huashang Import and Export Company has also expanded to industries such as handicrafts, Chinese furniture, and bookstores. These companies are the result of years of painstaking management by overseas Chinese and are characterized by small scale and mostly partnership operations. The Canton Fair and other domestic expositions and the friendship in the hometown have laid the foundation for customer communication for its initial business development.

3、Medium-sized consumer goods manufacturers, large and medium-sized wholesale retailers trade through agents

This is one of the main forms of China’s exports to the United States. Large quantities of goods were transported from China to the United States. These enterprises have a certain strength, and their business focus is concentrated in the United States. They do not set up overseas import companies themselves, but complete purchases from China through Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan trading companies and US east-west port trading companies. According to the requirements of American customers, these trading companies take advantage of their own design technology advantages and customer resources in contact with thousands of manufacturers all over China to conduct processing trade (OEM, sample, materials, packaging design) and product quality supervision, Goods delivery, bank settlement and other service advantages have opened up an export channel for various Chinese enterprises. Most of the USA. companies that purchase goods in this way are medium-sized manufacturers and trade wholesalers with a certain scale. USA. companies are characterized by using the international trade operation experience of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan companies and companies from the east and west of the United States, and their continuous tracking of the needs of the American market. And overseas convenient and flexible financial service system to complete imports from China.

4、Purchasing companies established in China by large chain retail and manufacturing companies

With China’s entry into the WTO, the threshold for restricting foreign trade and business enterprises has been lowered, and this channel has become one of the mainstream ways of exporting Chinese products. Set up a procurement center in China through a certain form, and determine the procurement plan in China according to the cross-border chain sales arrangement. The characteristics of this type of channel are: the order quantity is large and relatively stable, but the price is relatively low, and the style and packaging of the goods are frequently updated and adjusted.

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