What is a freight forwarder and what can they do for you?

First, let’s introduce what freight forwarders are -DDP shipping from China to Canada– freight forwarders, freight forwarders, or freight forwarders, also known as NVOCC (non-vessel Operating Common Carrier), are companies or experienced people and transportation communities in international trade that help organize and transport goods. By air, sea, rail and/or road, from the manufacturer or producer from point A to point B (it can be the customer’s destination or market).

A freight forwarder is usually a company or individual that organizes storage and transportation for merchants on behalf of shippers. They offer a wide range of services such as:

Tracking transportation;

Ensure that goods take off and land on schedule;

Negotiate freight charges;

Prepare shipping and export documents;

Reserve warehouse;

Handling cargo insurance;

Collect goods.

They are also responsible for:

Customs clearance;

Custom files;

Custom insurance.

In addition, they help with carrier documents, bills of lading, warehousing and payment methods.

Through freight forwarders, you can find different modes of transportation at reasonable prices. In other words, if you want to save time and money on international shipping from China to Canada by any means of transportation, consider using a freight forwarder. He will ensure that your goods arrive on time under the right conditions.

They are considered important assets in international shipping because they have useful services and skills that can help you when you have no experience in international shipping processes, and they usually ship according to their own bill of lading, which includes relevant details about the type, quantity, condition and destination of the goods. They will also provide you with unpacking, shipping and document delivery services at your destination.

For importing and exporting goods, finding and using a reliable freight forwarder will make your entire process less stressful and faster.

In other words, if you want to save time and money when making international deliveries by air, sea or land, consider using a freight forwarder to ship from China to Canada.

Should you choose a Chinese forwarder or a Canadian forwarder?

No matter the mode of transportation DDP shipping from China to Canada, it is always best to choose Chinese freight forwarders, because Chinese freight forwarders have language and geographical advantages, and become the ideal choice for overseas carriers.

You will also need a Chinese warehouse for storage and preparation during shipment. If you choose a local freight forwarder (from Canada), he may need to contact other agents in China to handle pickup, preparation, storage and customs clearance, which will result in higher costs and time for you. An experienced Chinese freight forwarder will have a variety of abilities, such as: fluent mandarin and Cantonese; Have a thorough understanding of Chinese business culture, experience in Chinese supplier management, category and procurement process, quality control, audit, logistics.

On the other hand, since the labor cost in China is very low, you can save more money by completing the same amount of work in China than in Canada.

Another advantage of hiring a freight forwarder to ship goods from China to Canada is speed. They can keep in touch with your suppliers and let you know what’s going on. If there is a problem, your freight forwarder will solve it immediately.

How to determine the reliability of the selected freight forwarder ddp shipping from China to Canada?

Finding a reliable freight forwarder for your shipment can be a daunting task. Time, money and your success in shipping from China to Canada are of Paramount importance. In general, there are a few questions you can ask the freight forwarder or yourself to assess whether he is qualified to transport for you:

1) Does the freight forwarder have the business license of the Chinese government? — Having a business license makes everything legal and transparent to you.

2) The freight forwarder has an official website, is it well ranked on Google? — On their website, you can find the necessary information about their services and fees. Not to mention in this day and age, Google reviews are essential for any company that respects itself and cares about its customers.

3) Does the company have a good insurance plan? — Having a good insurance plan is very important because it will cover your goods if any damage occurs during transportation or storage.

4) Do they have a complete shipment tracking system to update your shipment progress in real time? — Finding a shipping partner that offers cargo tracking is critical because you can see in real time where your cargo is and how much it will cost to get to its final destination.

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