What’s special about Amazon’s FBA Air Transport?

FBA shipping has become a favorite logistics method for Amazon sellers, and it has become a must-have logistics method for every seller. The seller will work with an excellent and trusted forwarder to deliver the goods to Amazon’s FBA warehouse. After completing the transaction, the seller can enjoy FBA’s enhanced exposure, increased flow, professional logistics and other services.

So what are the special procedures for shipping items to an Amazon FBA warehouse? Take air transport as an example below to explain in detail to you and answer your questions.

Amazon FBA air transport detailed operation process

  1. Power of Attorney

After the freight and service procedures have been agreed upon by the forwarder and shipper, the forwarder will issue a blank “Consignment Order” to the shipper, which will be truthfully filled out and faxed or returned by the shipper.

Declaration of the shipper, value, value for customs declaration, bills of lading in attached file, the actual gross weight, freight rate category, name and quantity of the goods, billing, weight, handle matters, declared value for shipping the attached file, the actual gross weight, bills of lading, freight rate category, name and quantity of the goods, chargeable weight, rate, shipper’s signature, date, etc.

  1. The commodity inspection

The forwarder company will check the contents of the L/C to determine whether the goods are to be inspected and whether the required goods will be disposed of by it.

  1. Booking

According to the provisions of the “power of attorney”, the freight forwarding company shall submit the booking form to the air traffic control department and provide accurate information; Name of goods, volume, weight, quantity and destination; Airlines will book according to the route and carrier selected by the shipper and strive for the best price for the shipper. After booking, the airline will issue a confirmation of space (manifest) and provide the shipper with a certificate indicating that space has been completed.

  1. Pick up the goods

A Shipping plan sent by the shipper from the shipping company, indicating the contact person, telephone number, delivery address, time, etc. In this way, goods can be timely and accurately in the warehouse.

B Consignment Agent Picking up the goods The shipper shall give the specific receiving address, contact person, telephone number, time and other relevant information to the transportation agencies to ensure the timely arrival of the goods.

  1. Incoming goods

Arrange, weigh, issue documents, examine documents, accept documents, fill out transport documents, accept, mark and label.

6. Customs declaration of European air cargo

First of all, the contents of the customs declaration provided by the consignor are input into the computer, that is, computer pre-registration. The customs declaration form shall be filled in by a computer and affixed with a special seal of the customs department;

Then, the customs declaration form together with the relevant invoice, packing list, packing list, packing list, etc., and attach the relevant certification materials as required.

After all the above declaration documents are completed, the customs declaration officer will declare them and declare them formally. The customs officer shall, upon passing the inspection, immediately affix his seal of approval to the original shipment.

At the same time, the Chinese government may affix inspection seals to the foreign exchange receipt verification forms and export filing forms and shall affix inspection seals to the tax rebate receipts used by the consignors

  1. Sign the bill

The transport document shall be affixed with the customs approval seal and signed for receipt by the airline. Only after receiving and confirming the receipt, can the bill of lading and goods be handed over to the airline.

  1. Handover and delivery

The delivery is to hand over documents to an export airline in Europe, which then carries them by air. Presentation is the delivery of a random document and documents kept by the carrier to the airline.

This document contains the original invoice of united Airlines air transport bill, packing list, certificate of origin, and quality certificate.

Delivery is the delivery of goods to the airline in accordance with the requirements of the document. Before shipment, goods labels should be pasted or tied, checked and checked, and the handover form should be filled out.

Bulk goods, centralized consignment, to the whole board, the whole box weighing. Piecemeal cargo shall be paid on an annual basis at par weight.

  1. Flight tracking

The goods tracking system in the whole process of receiving the owner of goods, can obtain the transportation status of goods, and provide customers with relevant information so that customers in the occurrence of abnormal conditions can be timely processing.

  1. Get to your destination

Target customs clearance — A, dispatch /B, notify consignee to pick up the goods. Amazon’s delivery method is to know how to solve problems, and how to avoid risks, in order to ship goods to Amazon. Above is the detailed introduction of Amazon FBA air transportation. In the process of air transportation, many links need the cooperation between excellent freight forwarding companies and Amazon sellers, so as to deal with them effectively and professionally.

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