Whether you’re a beginner shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse in China or a full-fledged e-commerce company, read this guide carefully. It will help you in your Amazon FBA shipping work process.

Step 1: Choose the right mode of transportation

Although transportation is not the first step of goods, transportation is actually the most important step.

There are three main modes of transportation: China Express, China Airfreight and China Sea freight.

Express shipping from China to Amazon FBA is ideal for goods with volume and gross weight below 1 cubic meter and 200 kg respectively. Usually, suppliers can get reasonable rates for goods of this size from local freight forwarders. However, if you already have a relationship in China, it may be advantageous to get a quote from your freight forwarder in case anything goes wrong in transit.

Step 2: Contact a Chinese freight forwarder

Once you have considered the best way to ship the goods, it is time to contact a reputable freight forwarder to get a quote. If you are unsure which method to use, you can also consult your freight forwarder for available options. Other advantages of using a Chinese freight forwarder include communicating directly with your suppliers, which will save you time, especially if there are huge time zone differences. Have your freight forwarder in China provide you with more assurance that goods leave the county with proper shipping labels and in good condition.

Step 3: Perform a quality check on your product

It is important to remember that when you ship goods directly from China to Amazon FBA, you will not have the opportunity to check the quality of the goods before they arrive at Amazon’s door. Fortunately, these services are relatively cheap in China. The best companies even offer the option to purchase Chinese quality control services with the click of a button and your goods can be inspected within 24 hours of booking.

Step 4: Create an Amazon Delivery plan

Now that your product has been validated, it’s time to prepare your Amazon shipping plan at the seller center. Here is a detailed guide on how to do this from Amazon. As an Amazon seller, you are advised to keep up-to-date on any changes, so it is best to always refer to the Amazon website for a list of requirements.

Step 5: Properly package and label items for Amazon

After the shipping plan is created, the Amazon FBA warehouse will be notified to wait for your shipment. The next step is to package your goods according to Amazon’s standards. Usually, factories can label product packages according to simple instructions. Conducting quality control checks can help you check that the factory has marked everything correctly.

Step 6: Carry out container loading inspection

As you now understand, there are many unique requirements to comply with Amazon’s FBA policies and regulations for shipping your goods to their warehouses.

Step 7: Be sure to purchase shipping insurance when shipping to Amazon FBA

In general, shipping your goods to Amazon will change hands multiple times, especially for conventional goods such as air and sea freight. Depending on the coverage, purchasing freight insurance will insure your shipment 100% from the moment it leaves the supplier until it arrives at Amazon FBA. It’s very affordable and you can rest easy.

Step 8: Contact the customs broker to sort out your shipping documents

Now that your goods are insured against damage, it’s time to get your shipping documents in order. We always recommend that you use a qualified customs broker to avoid delays, fines or outright rejection of your goods.

Step 9: Track your shipment

Last but not least, don’t forget to track your shipment. If you use air expresses such as DHL or UPS, you can easily track your shipment using the tracking number provided to you by the shipper.

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